Displaying the screen from a calculator#


This guide only works for calculators connected by USB. If you are using a serial link, no option is available to you with Cahute yet!

In order to display the screen from a CASIO calculator, the steps are the following:

  1. Connect the calculator to the PC using a USB cable.

  2. Select a screenstreaming mode on the USB calculator.

  3. Run p7screen.

Once the calculator is connected, a prompt with various protocols is displayed:

  • On fx9860G and compatible (monochrome calculators), select Projector (F3).

  • On fx-CG and compatible (color calculators), select ScreenR(XP) (F3) or, if it not available, any mode between Projector (F4) or ScreenRecv (F2).

Once this is done, in a terminal, run the following command:


p7screen displaying the screen from a Graph 90+E in ScreenR(XP) mode.#

For more options, see p7screen command line reference.