Contribution style


  • Contributors, especially external contributors, must work on a fork, and submit their work via a merge request.

  • Contributors can only target develop, except maintainers that can target other release branches to backport fixes if need be.

  • Contributors must use pre-commit for autoformatting and linting their contribution.

  • Contributors must write documentation for their modifications on the library.

Commit naming

Cahute uses Conventional Commits, as enforced using Commitizen installed as a pre-commit hook.

Your commit messages must be in imperative form, i.e. do something.


Please do NOT use past form, e.g. done something.


Scopes in commit messages aren’t common in Cahute, but they can be accepted if they are relevant.

Coding style

The code included within the contribution must respect Cahute’s coding style; see Coding style for more information.


Every modification on library code must be repercuted on the documentation. Think of it that way:

  • If it is wrong in the code, it is most certainly wrong in the documentation.

  • If it is not present in the documentation, then it is missing, and must be added into it.

  • If it is added to the code, it must be added to the documentation.

Writing documentation is hard, and Diátaxis’ logic has to be learned in order to be applied efficiently. However, even bad documentation is documentation, and Cahute needs it to be sustainable, especially since Cahute implements reverse engineered protocols and file formats for which no official documentation exists!