p7screen command line reference

p7screen is a utility originally provided with libp7 back in September of 2016 by Thomas Touhey. It is used for receiving the screen from any USB calculator in “Projector”, “Screen Capture” or “Screen Receiver” mode, and displaying it to a basic window using SDL.


This interface is provided by compatibility with libp7 / libcasio, and must not be changed to bring new features or change the syntax of existing ones.

For concrete steps on using p7screen, see Displaying the screen from a calculator.

Available options are the following:

-z, --zoom

Zoom, as an integer from 1 to 16.

Having a zoom of N means that a single pixel on the calculator will be displayed as an NxN full square on the host.

-l, --log

Logging level to set the library as, as any of info, warning, error, fatal, none.

This option may allow contributors to visualize the effects of their contribution better, and allows users to produce a full output to join to an issue.

See Logging facilities with Cahute for more information.

Invalid options are ignored by p7screen. If an option is provided several time, only the latest occurrence will be taken into account.